Micah Brown

Queer New Yorker. Brooklyn-based photographer. Outsider artist.

Alec & Alexis, 2024

Blessed and highly flavored (Chala June x The Travel Agency), 2024

Sunrise sunset, 2023

cortelyou road color study, 2023


ORB, 2023

MR Headshots, 2023

Clouds, 2023

Rio's Wedding Day, 2022

Queen Ceyenne, Riis Pride, 2022

Black Exhale x The NEST Project At Weeksville Heritage Center, 2022

RL Headshots, 2022

DG Headshots, 2022

Gold Caps, 2022

Tourmaline Studio Visit, 2021

Fort Tilden Field Study, 2020

self portrait, 2017

BIOGRAPHYMicah Brown (b. 1997, pronouns: they/them/he/him) is a Black, queer, transgender individual who explores second-hand memory and the utilization of portraits as portals into personal and collective identity. They were born and raised in Harlem, and currently reside in Flatbush. His focus lies in the emotion, softness and grace of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals who too often have to be profoundly resilient. Micah is a self-taught photographer and visual artist and has been commissioned for portraits by local artists, musicians, organizations, and community figures since 2017. His primary medium is 35mm film.

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